Hello, and welcome to the Luxury Suites Amsterdam Careers page. I couldn’t be happier that you’re considering a career with Luxury Suites Amsterdam. 

Luxury Suites Amsterdam owes its success to its employees, so the most important decision we make on our property is always going to be “Who do we hire?” Once we find the perfect person for the job, everything else falls into place; the satisfied guests, the Five-Star awards, and the continued growth of our company.

Here’s some inside advice on what we’re looking for in a candidate; We want someone who doesn’t just want to work for a paycheck. We want someone who is genuinely interested in the fine art of making people happy. At Luxury Suites Amsterdam, the guest experience is everything, and if you have the ambition to make our guests happy, then you know what? You have the same exact ambition we do. And If we have that in common –if we can see that you honestly want to try to make people happy- then we need and want you on our team. 

Good luck on your career search, and I hope to see you soon.

Wladimir Schrijver

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